Foods you must try in Ballygowan

You should go nowhere without having the intention on trying the foods and dishes that are traditional in that place. They can be bad, of course, but still you will have something to remember, and let's talk real - they usually are delicious, because people know what is good and what not, especially in Ireland.

As you may already know, Ballygowan is a small village in Northern Ireland, where you can see many things and enjoy the incredible nature, but one more thing you can do there is eat some incredible food.

You will find there a soda bread farl, which is normal to eat with all kinds of food, it is tasty but somehow strange and you will need time to get used to it. Boxty with beef and squash would be something you would eat for dinner or late lunch, it is a potato cake that is delicious, so make sure to try it.

A mixture of sausage meat, mashed potatoes (they really seem to like potatoes) and onions is called a pastie supper. This meal is one of those you will find in every household, because it is tasty, easy to make and loved by everyone.

The British people are known for their interesting breakfast and so are the Northern Ireland people, so they have the Ulster. This is a dish with lots of bacon, sausages, an eggs, of course, but there are also tomatoes, usually only one and sometimes mushrooms added on the side. The dish is only completed if there is lots of toast there and some good tea.

Yellow man is the candy of Northern Ireland, they love it there, but it seems rather odd, at the first sight, before you actually get to taste it.

All this and more you can try at many restaurants at Ballygowan, one of them is the Ballygowan Michelin Restaurant and an even better one is the The Chestnut Bar and Restaurant, with real traditional food.

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