Entertainment and outdoor activities in Ballygowan

Ballygowan is a small village, so you can't expect to have all the opportunities there you would have in London or Dublin, but still there are some things you can enjoy in this place and that with a huge plus - the beauty only a village in Northern Ireland can give you. Make sure to explore this website because here you will find everything about Ballygowan you need to know.

Less than 9 miles north, there is Belfast where you can take your children to a Botanic Garden and Palm House. Close to it is the Belfast Zoo where you can find some amazing animals that you would not see in Northern Ireland nor Great Britain under any circumstances.

Just next to these two places there is also the Shankill Leisure Centre, a place of fun, great time and some moments you and your children will remember for your whole life. But for some fun for the elders there are quite a few pubs there and bars also, with lots of alcohol, live stand - up comedy and other interesting performances. One of them is the Kelly's Cellars, a great pub with even better drinks and beer.

If you have never heard about a kissogram, then you should go to Coffee & Cream Kissogram, where you will be able to see what that is. Make sure to not go there if you are married though, and especially not with your wife or husband if they easily become jealous, don't worry it is nothing radical.

Go to Ritual Beauty to get the best massage you ever experienced, they are really good and know right which muscle needs to be treated. In terms of outdoor activities, there is plenty to be experienced in Ballygowan - horseback riding on the beaches or in beautiful and mysterious forests. You can even go for a hike on the beautiful green lands you will see all around Ballygowan.

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